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Where Is Sri Lanka?



Sri Lanka Lies Between The Northern Latitudes 5 55’ And 9 55’ And The Eastern Longitudes 79 42 And 81 52 650 Km North Of The Equator. It Comprises 65,610 Sq Km And Has 1,330 Km Of Coastline. There Is A 30km Divide Between The Island And India. 1,215 Km To The West Are The Maldives And To The Southing But Thousands Of Kilometres Of Ocean Until Antarctica.


Time Difference


Sri Lanka Standard's Time Is Five And A Half Hours ahead Of GMT: It Is GMT + 5.30 (Allowance Should Be Made For Summer Time Changes In Europe).


Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte Is The Administrative Capital Of Sri Lanka, While Colombo Is The Commercial Capital.




It’s Hot And Humid In Coastal Ares With Average Temperatures Around 27 C. However As The Land Rises Into Hill Country The Temperature Drops To Between 20 And 10 C





Official Languages are Sinhala And Tamil, but english is widely Spoken.





Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR).





There Is One International Airport And A Second Airport Is Under Construction At Hambantota.





Nationals From 24 Countries (EU, UK Etc) Are Exempted From Visa Requirements And Receive Permission To Stay On Arrival On An Entry Visa For 30 Days. They Can Extend Their Stay For Varying Periods, Usually Not More Than 90 Days.

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